LeadSlinger® Titanium Mechanism
LeadSlinger® Titanium Mechanism
LeadSlinger® Titanium Mechanism

LeadSlinger® Titanium Mechanism

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By overwhelming demand, we have decided to sell our new Mechanical Pencil Mechanism a/k/a The LeadSlinger® for individual purchase! 

This page is for our LeadSlinger® Titanium Standard and Safety Lock Mechanism. 
Every part of our mechanism is made from Grade 5 Titanium down to the button and screw, and 100% built in house. 
We have strategically designed every component of our pen, and pencil down to the mechanism to be completely modular; taking off the limits so that you can customize every one of our products to your liking!
Our LeadSlinger® bodies are the same dimension as our Parker format.
Why is that detail so amazing?
If you have a Parker Ballpoint Ink Pen, you can purchase the LeadSlinger® Tip, and Mech, and convert it to a LeadSlinger®!! (or vise versa) 

*Please note*
We have an indicator on each pen, and pencil we have machined since the TiButton® was released in 2019, which is the small "cut" on the back where the pen body and mechanism meet. 
Should you have an older model body, we cannot guarantee the TiButton® or the LeadSlinger® SL will align correctly to the pocket clip. 
You can email us at: info@nottinghamtactical.com prior to purchasing should you have any questions! 

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