Ti Clicker Zirconium


These pens are completely machined and built in house, including the clicker mechanism.

There are multiple finished available: Titanium – Satin, Tumbled, Spiral Flute with Dots Tumbled, Straight Flute with Dots Tumbled, and All Dots Tumbled; Brass – Plain Tumbled; and Copper – Plain Tumbled.  You can choose between the different materials and finishes below. We will be adding more materials and finishes to this list soon! (Zirconium, Mokuti, Zircuti)


Diameter: 7/16″

Length: 4-7/8″

Weight: Titanium 32 Grams, Copper 52 Grams, Brass 51.4 Grams

Ink: Black Schmidt easyflow 9000 included