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Bullet Hide
Bullet Hide
Bullet Hide
Bullet Hide

Bullet Hide

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Proudly machined in house right here at Nottingham Tactical in the USA, our Bullet Hide  was designed for the Everyday Carry "EDC" enthusiasts as an accessory that can easily be carried in your pocket, purse, satchel, briefcase or vehicle. This item was designed to look like a bullet but please note that is not in anyway an actual bullet of any kind. As shown in the pictures US currency can be rolled up and stored inside or anything within the storage dimensions below. This hide also has a O-ring seal so whatever you have inside will stay dry if you accidentally get it wet. These are available two ways, full grade 5 titanium or brass body with a copper top. Here are the specs on this product:

  • Stonewashed Natural Finish Grade 5 Titanium or,
  • Machine finish brass body and machine finish copper top
  • Inside storage dimensions: .750" x 2.60"
  • Outside dimensions: 3.06" x .990"
  • Weight: Titanium 60 grams, brass/copper 119 grams

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