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Q. What are the differences in your pen mechanisms?
A. Our TiButton® Double Lock is our patent pending mechanism, and truly the first of it's kind with a built in safety, giving you the satisfaction of no. more. ink. stains!
Our TiButton® Single Lock is great if you want a maintenance free mech, but don't want a dual action to deploy the ink.
The end of 2022 we came out with our first "bolt action" mechanism called the NottaBolt™. It for good reason has remained in high demand! 

*All three variations are available in a Left Handed variation upon request*

Q. My pen has a tiny hole/cut at the top of the body where the mechanism meets, is this a defect? 
A. No, this was intentional. When we developed the TiButton® mechanism we needed an indicator showing the pen body was timed, to guarantee the button would align correctly every time. Every pen machined since 2019 will have this indicator. 

Q. I bought a TiClicker® and want to buy one of your newer mechanism, will it work on my pen? 
A. The simple answer is, yes! Lee has strategically designed all of our products to be completely interchangeable, meaning you can take one pen body and essentially interchange it with any of our seven mechanisms. Should you have a pen body that was machined prior to 2019 than it may not be timed, meaning the button will not align correctly to the pocket clip. However, you can send your pen to us, free of charge to have the body timed to accommodate the TiButton® or NottaBolt™ mechanism. 

Q. Why do most of your patterns show "out of stock"?
We do "drops" every one - two weeks on our most popular patterns. Due to our SKU level we cannot keep all inventory stocked. Be sure you're signed up to receive our newsletters as this is the primary way we notify you on the patterns dropping on our site.  

Q. Can my Ballpoint Ink Pen be converted into a Mechanical Pencil a/k/a the Leadslinger™?
If you have Parker Format Ballpoint Ink Pen, than yes, you can convert your pen into a pencil, by swapping the pen mechanism, ink cartridge and tip out, with the Leadslinger™ accessories. 

Q. My TiClicker® is sticking and sometimes won't retract properly. What can I do to fix this?
A. The most common reason for your TiClicker® to start "sticking" is that it needs to be taken apart, cleaned, and re-greased. We recommend doing this about every 100k clicks. If this does not fix the issue, your mechanism could have internal damage and will need to be sent to us for inspection.

Click here for our Repair Form: 

Click here to see how to Re-Assemble the TiClicker® Mechanism: 

Q. If I send my pen to you for repair what is the expected turnaround time?
A. We see the importance of getting your pen back safely to it's owner, so we do our best to have the pen maintenanced and mailed back out the following business day. (within our working business hours)

Q. What tools do I need to use to take the mechanism off of my pen?
A. We sell Carbon Fiber Pliers, which are designed to fit the dimensions of our mechanism. Should you choose to use a regular pair of pliers, be sure to have a thick piece of cloth like leather to avoid scratching the mechanism. 

Q. What are the specs on the pens?
A. Titanium G2 Mini: Diameter: 7/16" Length: 4-1/4" Weight: 28 Grams
    Titanium Parker: Diameter: 7/16" Length: 5" Weight: 32 Grams 
    Titanium G2 Full Size: Diameter: 7/16" Length: 5-1/2" Weight: 35 Grams

Q. Can I customize my pen? i.e. laser engraving
A. Yes, we do offer the option to engrave a name or initials on your pen body. This would require you to select a partially engraved pen, and allow at least 7-10 business days before shipping. There is also a $35 engraving fee per pen. The personal engraving is done by laser engraving which is a different process than how our patterns and "Nottingham" are engraved on our pens. Email us at: info@nottinghamtactical.com should you have any additional questions.

Q. I would like a Parker Format pen, but use G2 Ink Cartridges.
A. If you will send us an email to: info@nottinghamtactical.com prior to your purchase, we will advise how you need to place your order to accommodate this request.