Exotic LeadSlinger®
Exotic LeadSlinger®
Exotic LeadSlinger®

Exotic LeadSlinger®

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 NTI's Mechanical Pencil, a/k/a the "LEADSLINGER®" Just Got SEXIER!
Just like our award winning ballpoint ink pens, these are completely machined and built in house. These are made from some of our favorite exotic materials, as well as custom finish work done by "CPTN Axel".
 These have the #2 engraved on the body, to give it the 'Old School' look of the #2 pencil. We felt it only fitting for the Sexiest #2 to stand second to none!! 

The number you select will have a picture of the Leadslinger® and that will be the image of the product you are purchasing. The descriptions of each one pictured including the lead size is included below.
Should you have any questions feel free to email us prior to your purchase at: info@nottinghamtactical.com 

1. Leadslinger® Zirconium "Old School" .7mm Standard Mechanism 
2. LeadSlinger® Titanium "Old School" .7mm Standard Mechanism CPNT Axel Custom Edition 

Zirconium: Diameter: 7/16" Length: 4-7/8" Weight: 45 Grams
Damasteel: Diameter: 7/16" Length: 4-7/8" Weight: 45 Grams
Titanium: Diameter: 7/16" Length: 4-7/8" Weight: 32 Grams

Included with your purchase:
One Schmidt DSM 2007 in .7mm or .5mm lead. 
Three Pencil Eraser Refills. 
One Pack of Pilot HB lead.


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